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Formalist Ukraine

Formalist Ukraine, as a project manager and investor, takes over our Kyiv real estate projects and their realization incorporating our furniture.
Every project starts with an idea and our own unique vision, all the way to the final realization, all with the help of course of architects and designers.
The entire circle from the idea to the final realization starts and ends with Formalist Ukraine.

In the last few years we have invested in a number of properties.
Our first project was in 2017. Its was a 60 sq m apartment in the quite centre of Kyiv where we incorporated our vision and the realization was done by an Ukrainian designer.

Our second project was in 2019 where we thought, how can we turn a magnificent property in the heart of Kyiv near St. Sophia Cathedral into something spectacular. With the help of the Ukrainian architect Emil Dervish and by incorporating our furniture it turned out better than we expected.

At Formalist we always aim for absolute perfection and that includes of course always being original in order to stand out.

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