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Our Proper Restoration

proper restoration

At Formalist, we always aim for perfection, not only in our service but as well in our approach to each individual item.

Every single piece that comes to our company is at first always being carefully inspected, to the smallest details. We then always ask the very same question, what does the item truly need? Does it need to be professionally restored or perhaps kept in its original condition?

The items we offer are truly unique and special, and we always aim to keep them as original as possible, especially because our customers mostly value the authenticity of such items. Therefore, some of the items we offer are kept in their original condition to preserve their true beauty and elegance as it was when first produced.

When it comes to restoration of such items, we always aim for the best fitting result that every piece needs. We always see the true value in such items no matter their current condition because we know we can bring the glory back to these items, therefore when it comes to a professional restoration, there is absolutely no room for mistakes, everything needs to be executed perfectly.

We work with our own professional team of restorators and upholsterers. Every single item is always being carefully inspected and restored by approved techniques only, that of course includes using the best suitable materials we have to ensure our clients the best quality.

The restoration of the items we offer must always retain their original dimensions and structure.

When restoring wood, we always try to use the same type of wood that was used in the production of the item. For this purpose, we often use parts from objects that are no longer possible to restore.

Also, during restoration, we always replace the springs in the seats and backrests using only proper fillers.  

When it comes to screws and other metal parts, we always deep clean them, therefore most importantly we always leave them original. However, if the condition of these parts does not allow us to use them, then instead we use the same original parts from other objects that cannot be restored anymore. This is done for several reasons. Firstly, the original parts are much stronger and better than those for which they can be replaced today, and secondly, the more original parts are preserved in an item, the higher the historical value of the object.

Regarding chrome-plated parts, we always professionally clean them and remove rust from them. We never re-chrome, we never deal with it, as such a process violates the originality of the objects and diminishes their historical value.

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Lookbook, September 2016


Chanel Vintage Beige Tweed Jacket, 1990s


Chanel Vintage Green Tweed Suit, 1990s
Chanel Vintage Black Shoulder Flap Diana Bag, 1990s


Chanel Vintage Pink Tweed Jacket, 1990s
Chanel Vintage Charm Necklace, 1990s


Chanel Vintage Chain Pearl Necklace


Chanel Vintage Orange Tweed Jacket, 1990s
Chanel Vintage Black Lamb Skin Mini Single Flap,1990s

Model: Olga Tokarenko
Photographer: Pavel Fedorov