20th century Bauhaus and Nordic design

Founded in 2015, Formalist Gallery specializes and offers collectible 20th-century Bauhaus and Nordic design classics.

Our gallery’s collection includes important pieces by Jindřich Halabala, Paavo Tynell, Alvar Aalto, Hans Bergström, Madsen & Schubell, Otto Schulz, Marcel Breuer and Josef Frank as well as other unique pieces by talented 20th-century cabinetmakers.

All the pieces presented in our gallery are hand-selected and are distinguished by their rarity, great attention to detail, elegant lining and shaping. Here at Formalist Gallery, we find quality and authenticity highly important hence every item that comes into our warehouse undergoes a thorough inspection of its structure and condition, which then helps us to decide on what exactly the piece needs in terms of restoration. We always aim to stay true to the original intention of the designer and at the same time fulfill the wishes of our clients.

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