We always try to provide the best service we can and make sure everything is as convenient as possible.
As one of the services we provide, we also offer the possibility to rent our unique pieces for different projects and photoshoots.

The rental fee is 20% of the retail cost for 3 days. There will be additional charges for longer rentals. Renters will be charged for the full retail amount of the items before pickup, and will be refunded 80% when they are returned to us in the same condition.

Renters will also be charged for the shipping, which we can easily arrange. If you wish to arrange shipping yourself, please only send professional movers with blankets and wrap materials and at least 2 people for oversized or heavy items.
It is of course also possible to personally arrive and collect the items.

Please note that as of today, we only offer this service within the European Union.

Please contact us for a quote or for any other inquiries.

Purchase of goods

At Formalist, we are always looking to expand our unique collection of exquisite design items from all over the world, therefore we are consistently looking for new interesting pieces to acquire.

Variety is always important as we serve our clients who are located all over the world, providing the best service and making sure everything is as convenient as possible. That of course includes keeping the quality of our collection as high as possible.

The condition of the items is not of importance as we work with our own professional team of restorators and upholsterers who can restore almost everything to perfection.

Do you think you have a piece that fits our collection? Feel free to contact us, providing us with the images of the item and a requested price.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!